Selecting a lawyer and law firm

by admin_edje | Published August 7, 2019

Selecting a lawyer and law firm is a very personal and individualized process. It is important to meet with a prospective attorney and thoroughly discuss your case. This requires you to recognize and admit to the perceived faults and failures you may have in regard to the pending matter. Such introspection is often difficult and can even be embarrassing to you, however this information is extremely important in your initial discussion with your prospective attorney as this information allows the attorney to provide you with greater detail regarding the possible outcomes you could expect and it also allows your fee discussions to be based upon real and articulable issues rather than a sanitized version of the facts. 

We are very aware of the human condition and how we often want to present ourselves in the best possible light when presenting ourselves and our issues that concern and create stresses in our lives.  At the Oliver Law Firm P.C., we are proud of our abilities to listen and understand the information regarding your matter without judgment.   Our task is to simple, completely understand the issues that brought you to us and partner with you to resolve these issues expeditiously and in a cost-effective manner.  We look forward to hearing from you. 


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