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Oliver Law Firm is an approachable firm based in the Des Moines area with experienced attorneys and litigators available to help with your legal needs. We’re dedicated to helping resolve your legal issues through effective communication and negotiation, but we have highly experienced litigators available to help you through the trial process if needed.

Many law firms can be intimidating and cold; at Oliver Law firm, you’ll be talking with down-to-earth lawyers who are understanding of your situation. We pride ourselves on providing compassionate, friendly, professional law services and consultations as we work hand-in-hand to solve your legal issues.
From pre-marital agreements to child custody arrangements, our attorneys provide compassionate, educated case assistance.

We provide legal advice and representation for commercial and residential buyers and sellers of real estate.

Have you been permanently or temporarily injured by the negligence of another person? We’re here to help.

Plan for your family’s future by working with us to put together wills and real estate plans that will give you peace of mind.

Contact us if you’re starting a new business, facing a contract dispute, or need assistance revising your business contracts.

Contact us for criminal defense assistance, including but not limited to felonies and misdemeanors.


Meet Our Friendly Attorneys

It helps to see a friendly face; visit our staff page and get to know the attorneys and other staff you may speak with when you visit our office.